About the test


Japanese agricultural areas are facing a critical labor shortage. For this, as a new framework for accepting foreigners who can begin work immediately in Japanese agricultural areas, the Specified Skilled Worker status of residence has been newly established.

Along with the Technical Intern Training Program, expectations are high for this mechanism to support and develop Japanese agriculture.
In order for foreigners to work in agricultural workplaces through this project, they need to meet the requirements specified by the Japanese government, such as knowledge and skills concerning agriculture.

Therefore, with the support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the National Chamber of Agriculture will start an test (Agriculture Skill Assessment Test) from FY2019 for foreigners in order to check and evaluate their knowledge and skills on agriculture, etc. before entering Japan.

As part of these examinations, tests on two subjects will be carried out: Crop Agriculture and Livestock Agriculture.


If you pass this test, you will be recognized as a “person who has agricultural skills that require considerable knowledge or experience,” which is a requirement for working in Japan. The outline of the requirement is summarized in “■Institutional requirements.”

In order to actually work in Japan under the program, it should be necessary to be employed by an appropriate host organization.